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VA Loan Programs

Since 1944, VA loan programs have been offered to our nation’s military members. The loans are made only by VA-approved lenders and are backed by the Federal Government. Most veterans, active duty military personnel, surviving spouses and others may be eligible for VA home loan benefits. VA purchase loans, regular refinance loans (including cash-out), Streamline refinancing and mortgage assumption are available with competitive interest rates and flexible terms to meet almost every budget.

VA whether it’s a purchase or refinance, VA loans offer these benefits:

  • Up to 100% loan-to-value LTV
  • No monthly mortgage insurance premiums
  • Free mortgage counseling whenever you need it
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Streamline refinancing for qualified borrowers
  • Competitive interest rates

VA mortgages are known for their attractive features such as no cash down on purchases, refinancing options for up to 100% of your home’s value, no private mortgage insurance and quick and affordable way for qualified borrowers to Streamline their existing loans to a lower interest rate quickly and affordably. VA loan interest rates are competitive with national mortgage rates, which can change daily depending on the market. Lock in your low rate today.

VA Loan Benefits

VA loan benefits allow many veterans to receive the best mortgage possible for their needs. Because the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees every loan, approved lenders like iFreedom Direct® can offer unique advantages over conventional loans such as no cash down on purchase loans, 100% refinancing, no monthly mortgage insurance premiums and relaxed qualifying. These benefits are provided in recognition of dedicated service and sacrifice to our country.

VA Purchase Loans

VA purchase loans are exceptional because qualified military borrowers can buy primary residences valued at up to $417,000 with no money down and no private mortgage insurance. The zero-down feature of VA mortgage is a popular choice with military members, and most are attracted to VA purchase loans for this reason. Choose from 15- to 30-year fixed rate mortgages and include up to $6,000 for energy efficient upgrades to your new home. Our dedicated loan professionals can assist you in personalizing your purchase loan.

VA Streamline Refinance

VA Streamline Refinance is for borrowers who already have VA loans and want to reduce their rates or eliminate the rising interest of an ARM. The Streamline program is designed to help veterans capture the lowest interest rates affordably with less red tape. Existing VA borrowers looking to refinance quickly and easily will appreciate the Streamline process.

VA Refinance

VA refinance loans allow eligible borrowers to get today’s low interest rates, more desirable terms or even cash out of equity they’ve accrued in their homes to pay down debts or make improvements. VA Streamline refinancing helps existing VA borrowers reduce interest rates and/or monthly payments quickly and cost-effectively, often without an appraisal. Ask how VA loans and non-VA loans can be refinanced with this no-hassle program.

VA Debt Consolidation

VA Debt Consolidation is for veterans who wish to use the equity in their homes to manage their debt. By cashing out their equity with a VA refinance loan, veterans with high-interest debts can use the money to consolidate any or all of these obligations into a low-rate VA mortgage. The VA debt consolidation process can reduce the interest rate and total payment to help borrowers reclaim control of their finances.

VA Streamline VA Loans vs. FHA Loans

Veterans not eligible for VA loans may qualify for similar benefits with FHA loans. This government-backed mortgage program offers low down payments and competitive interest rates. As a dedicated lender of government-backed loans, we offer VA and FHA mortgages to assure borrowers have the best options available. Ask us about FHA loans for veterans and civilians alike.

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